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The return and reuse program

Usually, once you buy something from someone you relationship with that someone ends, right? You purchase the items, use it, if it breaks or at the end of its natural life, you’ll dispose of it and repurchase a new one, maybe from the original seller or perhaps from a new seller.

At Kola Project, with the Return and Reuse program, you can reach out to us with everything that happens during the lifecycle of products that you have purchased from us. If it breaks, you return it to us and get a new one. We will fix the broken product (sometimes turn it into even a better outcome!) and resell it. If you don’t know what to do at the end of a product’s life, send it back to us. We will repair, refurbish, or compost, recycle. We don’t want to see anything go to waste. That is why we follow a true reverse supply chain through our Return and Reuse program. We believe that the Return and Reuse programs are the antidotes for the disposable culture that we have created. They could be the start of something big.

What is a reverse supply chain?

This is what the traditional supply chain looks like. The traditional supply chain is linear in the sense that at end of a products life it most likely goes to a landfill.

The reverse supply chain is circular. At the end of life, instead of going to a landfill or worst case, polluting land and water, product go back in to the supply chain either as a repaired or a recycled item.

The supply chain process at kola project

With Kola Project, the reverse supply chain allows the collection of materials, and these would be processed and fed back into the corresponding supply chain stages.

Kola Project is built on a proactive approach (associated with Reduce) and a reactive approach (associated with Reuse and Recycle) to mitigate the waste crisis.

Proactive approach (associated with reduce)

  • By supplying customers with high quality, durable products with prolonged life spans reduce the need to dispose of existing products and by new ones, consequently creating less waste.
  • By backing all the products with a lifetime warranty, we remove the need to discard products when broken and instead encourage customers to repair them free of charge.
  • Set the example for extended manufacturer responsibility and push for legislation.

Reactive approach (associated with reuse and recycle)

  • Reuse any salvageable items, clean them, and resell them.
  • Remanufacture new items from the components that can be salvaged from broken or defective items.
  • Recycle any components that cannot be remanufactured.

The entire stream of research on reverse supply chains is motivated by the observations that by reusing, remanufacturing, and recycling used products/components it is possible to reduce landfill waste.

What happens to broken items?

What happens to broken items depends on the type of item. For example, a broken ceramic dish can turn into a lovely new dish designed using Kintsugi method. A shattered pile of glass can become beautiful crushed glass wall art such as Mary Hong’s Mystic River shown below.

Used napkins, tablecloths, shower curtains, rugs, pillows, and bedding can become stuffing for ottomans and throw pillows. Used wooden spoons or any other unusable wooden items can be firewood or kindling.

The point is, every single item in our store has a purpose at the end of its life. It can either become something new and beautiful or something purposeful in another way. With your cooperation, we guarantee that no item we sell will ever end up at a landfill.

Speaking of…

How do we participate?

  1. Send us a message and let us know the type of item you intend to return.
  2. Drop the item off at a UPS collection point or hand it to a UPS delivery person.
  3. Once we receive the item, we will send you a coupon to show our appreciation of your efforts.
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